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Purpose of this website: To provide accurate listings and honest reviews of various iPhone, iPad and Android applications that actually do make money. (As a note, a number of the apps listed will also have website versions available.)

My personal purpose is to help those in need of income, whether taking a few minutes out of each day to make a few bucks each week, or providing someone who is looking for full-time work the information that they need to work as much as they like, and have the flexibility to make a little or a lot of money.

Money bagWill the apps make you rich? Doubtful, but anything is possible! Some of the apps that I list out and review here have various sweepstakes entries, chances and other ways that someone could make a pretty good chunk of money.

If you are here searching for a way to make a steady income, I would say that the money involved will either be enough to help out some with bills or even make a regular full-time income – but probably they won’t make a person rich.

However, the number of ways that someone can make money (and the amounts that a person can make) are surprising – I was happy to see that along with the technology evolution that there are more flexible and better ways for someone to make a living on their own time, on their own terms. This, to me, is a truly positive change to help those self-motivated individuals succeed in some form of work or even a career.

Or – just make some extra money to help out with those holiday Christmas gifts or other expenses.

Tonya Face CloseupWho I am: My name is Tonya. I am the creator and author of this website.

Years ago I started making some additional income through online sources (surveys mainly), and at one point I stopped due to a different direction with my work.

Recently I have found some extra time on my hands (a rare occurrence) and been taking another look into the area of making money with surveys and other sources online. I have been happily surprised at the number of ways generating extra income can be done through iPhone, iPad and Android apps, and have since been busily downloading them, “tweaking around” with them and actually making some steady income with them.

My promise: In the pages on this site, I will provide you with actual reviews where possible. In some instances, I will not have the ability to test out or regularly use the apps that I am listing, in which case I will hunt down reviews from others to see what they have to say – and then will pass along any “pros and cons” info that I have to you.

As a note – I have found on some websites that “recommend” some of these apps that their information could be a bit misleading, giving the idea that some of the apps were wonderful (when they weren’t).

I won’t do this.

If I do recommend something I will tell you why, and I will be honest when I pass along information to you – so you don’t waste your time and efforts. On the opposite side of the coin, I will also provide you with some ideas on making a good income and some apps that can help you do this.

Questions, comments? Feel free to contact me through this website’s contact page.

Thank you again for visiting the Apps that Pay website!

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