InboxDollars Review 2017

Inbox Dollars Website and App – Is it a Legitimate Way to Make Money? Here is my Review for 2017

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Inbox Dollars is one of those websites (now an app as well) that has been around “forever.”

Years and years ago (I think about 8 or 9) I tried it out on their website, and not being very well versed in internet navigation and how to approach a money-earning site like this one, I did not stick with it.

Back then, I was a probably more than a bit on the naive side – I was expecting the $$$ to roll into my bank account without much effort – but while this site and app is a good way to make extra money in one’s spare time, “gettin’ rich” is not what it’s about.

But – I have since discovered that there are some ways to approach making money with Inbox Dollars that can be used. If this sounds interesting to you, then read on…

What is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is an online (and free) way to make some money. There are a number of ways to get cash added into your account (including doing things that you already very likely do), and even if you decided to spend the entire day with the app (or the site) you probably will not run out of options to continue bringing in bits of money.

What Inbox Dollars is Not: It is not a way to expect to make a lot of money. Don’t start into it expecting only it to supplement a job, or to produce a significant amount of income because that won’t happen.

–>> Signup here for Inbox Dollars to start with a free $5.00 added to your account

My Overall Rating for Inbox Dollars

(3.8 out of 5 Stars)

Rating Info:

I consider Inbox Dollars to be a sort of “stop by for some boredom-busting” app (or website). When you’re going to search the internet anyway, or when you feel like sitting back and watching some interesting TV shows or videos (short ones), or if you just want to play a few games and relax for a while, or perhaps take a survey, guess what? You can make some money each time you do it.

Why I am not giving it a higher rating: There are a few reasons that this app is getting some “dings” in its rating here – generally having to do with the functionality of it as an app. Use of it on my phone or on a tablet is limited at best, especially when it comes to the surveys. Some of the actions are done quickly and easily on the app (plus point) while others can take much longer than if doing them on a laptop or larger-screen tablet.

It also seems that the most highlighted money-making feature about it is the surveys, which do not seem to conform very well to the size of a smaller mobile device (using their site on a laptop is recommended for the surveys). And, when doing the surveys, I seem to go through “spurts” where I have trouble finding a survey that I actually quality for (and spending too much time looking for them).

However, it does have its place in an “arsenal of free money-making tools.” It does work to make some cash, and if one approaches Inbox Dollars with the right viewpoint and doing specific actions on the site, the dollars can build up without too much effort and without spending too much time. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Below is an image of my account as if this writing.)

My account on Inbox Dollars

Note: I have been using the Inbox Dollars app now for a few weeks, spending a little time “here and there” on it to get to the amount shown above ($37.67). I have not yet cashed that in, but when I do I will then have a “Gold Member” status – and at that point (as I understand it), I will be given more and better opportunities to make some money.

How to Use Inbox Dollars (List of Features)

Checkmark“How to use it” depends largely on the things that you like to do – if you enjoy playing short games, doing searches for various things online, answering survey questions, watching interesting and short TV “blurbs,” or if you test out different services and apps, then there are definitely quite a number of things to keep you busy for a long time.

The areas of the app (and site) that I have found to be the most lucrative in terms of time spent include the “pay to read email,” the “just for you” or “match for you” surveys and TV.

Here is a more complete list of the different money-earning features of Inbox Dollars:

  • Surveys
  • Completing offers (many of which are completely free)
  • Play online games
  • Search the internet
  • Watch short TV shows
  • Shopping (getting cash back)
  • Coupons (I love this!)
  • Referrals

Does Inbox Dollars Really Pay?

Dollar SignYes, it really does pay. It has been around for quite a long time now – 17 years as of this writing – and it shows no signs of going away. There is no way that they could stay up and so popular for so long without making good on paying people for what they earn. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can count on receiving the money that you accumulate in your account. (As a note, there is a $30 minimum that you have to accumulate before getting paid.)

Inbox Dollars Tips – How to Use It

If you’re looking for more “bang for the buck” in terms of how to maximize your efforts on the site, I would recommend doing either things that are almost completely “hands-off” (streaming the TV shows), or require very little time (reading the paid emails, doing online searches that you already probably do or using coupons (more on the coupons below on the page).

How Does Inbox Dollars Work?

Light bulb with question markGenerally speaking, Inbox Dollars gets paid from sponsors – those people who pay to have their products promoted including actual physical products, games, apps, services, subscriptions, etc., etc. They also get paid from marketing firms – those companies who are looking for specific consumer information from various demographics.

When Inbox Dollars gets paid, they pass some of that money along to you for providing your services to fulfill their sponsors’ needs.

Is Inbox Dollars Safe?


Although I will say one thing on this – at an attempt to fill out what was called a “survey,” (which turned out to be a long and arduous series of hoop-jumping to sign up for services (or not), give my information out to various companies, etc.), one of the sites that I visited downloaded some kind of cookie or something onto my computer which then caused some temporary problems when using my laptop.

This was a bit of a frustrating ordeal, and something that I personally will avoid in the future. (The “Offers” area of the site is not my forte, and it never has been an appealing activity for me.)

How Much Money Can You Make With Inbox Dollars?

Piggy bankDon’t count on a lot – but “a lot” might mean different things to different people. So, to illustrate this a bit better, I will give you some examples from my own experience:

  • One day I spent a little over an hour and made about $6.50 between a rather lengthy survey and some other minor activities (running videos/TV, doing the paid emails and doing some searches).
  • One day I spent a few hours and pushed on doing more and more surveys, and feeling rather frustrated after many disqualifications I ended that day’s Inbox Dollars activities with only about $3.00 or so (grrrrr!).
  • Another day I cashed in pretty nicely, making about $10.00 or so after about three hours of off-and-on time spent.

My suggestion: Each day that you use Inbox Dollars, plan to spend anywhere from half an hour to an hour. If you experience getting “hung up” in something (can’t seem to get anywhere with it), just move on to something else. And, if you try some of the surveys that are “just for you” or “these are a match for you,” first look for the ones that are the best-paying for the shortest amount of time and if you get disqualified for one or two of them, stop on the surveys and do something else. (Chances are that this is an update problem with their app and site, not just “bad luck.”)

If you don’t feel that you have a half hour or an hour to spend, spend ten minutes doing activities such as paid searches, reading paid emails, playing a few games.

One more thing: If you are concerned about the amount of time that you have to spend on the site, plan on it taking about double the amount of time that it says – for example, if one of the surveys says that it takes 5 minutes to complete, plan on it actually taking about 10.

Inbox Dollars Pros and Cons

Thumbs up and thumbs down

  • Get $5.00 right off the bat when you sign up for Inbox Dollars
  • Multiple activities that earn money
  • You can spend only a few minutes on the site each day and still accumulate some $$ over time
  • Using it often involves doing things that you might already do (if you do some online searches, use their search feature instead of another search engine, if you like to use coupons, these will give you even more cash back for products you buy)
  • It pays real money instead of “points” for activities – it’s easier to see how much money you are actually making rather than trying to calculate how much based on the app’s point system.
  • You can get paid either by check or by getting gift cards.
  • It’s fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The surveys can actually be quite interesting.


  • Both the app and the site can be “glitchy” sometimes – on various occasions I have had it freeze up in the middle of a survey, or when watching their TV feature.
  • They send a lot of messages to the email listed on your account – you will probably find something in your email inbox from them every day. (Some people don’t like this, I personally don’t mind it too much.)
  • Some of the activities can be a bit on the deceiving side – some of the “offers” are actually not really offers per se, and some of those say that they are surveys that are actually more of a “give your email and other info away so a lot of companies can use it” thing.
  • The “offers” area can also be quite confusing – most of the time I have no idea where I will be sent or what I will be asked to do next. Not a big fan of this kind of thing.
  • Surveys almost always take longer than they say they do (and I am not a slow typist).

Is Inbox Dollars Easy Money?

Yes, but as covered above, it’s not a lot of easy money. Plan on just making a bit of money each time you use it, and you won’t be disappointed.

Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks?

Hmmmm. Now there is a question. I use both Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks – but to be honest if I had to choose one or the other, I would definitely opt for Swagbucks. (That is covered in a separate review, or if you like you can try it out for yourself right here.

Join Swagbucks!

Inbox Dollars Referrals

Here is one of the fun part of the site in my opinion – you can use the link that they give you on this page to refer people on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or you can use their Referral Banners page to put up some nifty images that will credit you every time someone signs up for it from clicking on your link.

How Does Inbox Dollars Pay? (Does it Use Paypal?)

Sadly, Inbox Dollars does not use Paypal (my favorite form of payment). But the options are almost as good – you can get paid in gift cards, pre-paid VISA or by check.

Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

Validation sealYes ma’am, it is a legitimate online way to make money. There are areas of it that can get confusing and even downright frustrating sometimes, but it still is a legitimate app and website. In fact, it is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited business and my understanding is that it has had this status since 2012.

Inbox Dollars Surveys

While I have said a lot about the surveys above, I will say some more here. This is both (in my opinion) the best and the worst part of the app (and the site).

I have good days and bad days with the surveys, they seem to come in “waves” of surveys that I am qualified for and then not qualified for. If I run into a couple in a row that either are glitchy and don’t finish or I don’t qualify, I just stop for that day. (I learned this lesson the hard way.)

I have heard similar feedback from others who have used the app.

This seems to be – other than the “offers” area (which I avoid) – the best money-earning part of the site, but it can also be the most frustrating.

Sometimes I check in to Inbox Dollars to see what’s available and I see some good surveys in the “for you” or the “match for you” listings – overall I have had the best success rate with these. This seems to be the most successful way to go about taking the surveys successfully – to the end result of finishing the surveys and getting paid for them.

Tip: Make sure to completely fill out your profile information and questions – this will increase your chances of getting more surveys that you are qualified for.

Inbox Dollars Coupons

moneyHere is my personal favorite part of the site – I love couponing (and rebates), and this is the best of both worlds – the integration of using regular cut-out coupons and also getting some additional cash back.

Here’s how it works: When you print a coupon from Inbox Dollars (which uses the service), then use it in a store to get a discount, you will later see a credit in your Inbox Dollars account. Each coupon has a code on it that traces back to Inbox Dollars, who has a record of you having printed out the coupon. Each time this happens, you will later get .10ยข credit, in addition to the discount you originally got with the coupon itself.

Inbox Dollars Games

If you are an online gaming fan – casino, card and other fun skill games – this is the way to go. Inbox Dollars is partnered with some game companies that give you cash for winnings (when you spend some money here and there).

I would say this – while I am certainly not an expert in the subject of online “take a chance and utilize some skill” games, this looks like a good way to earn even more money back than your winnings. Inbox Dollars will give you a rather large percentage back from anything you might spend to get your winnings.

–> Find out more about the Inbox Dollars Games Here

Websites and Apps Like Inbox Dollars

internet www symbolPerhaps you like the idea of what Inbox Dollars has to offer – and perhaps you might want to expand on that a little, or find a site that you might consider to be better.

The apps and/or sites that are very much like InboxDollars (those apps with surveys, videos and other multiple ways to make money through multiple activities) include Swagbucks (my favorite of all of ’em), CashCrate and MyPoints. Use all three to get the most out of your time – you can rotate through them or maybe just stick to the one or two that you like the most.

PS: On any of the links above, when you join you will get some sort of points and/or cash bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some additional apps that you might like – these have income-earning opportunities, but with the “cash back” concept (I have been quite happy with the $ I have earned from these):

  • ibotta (LOVE this app! $10 when you sign up, easy cash back. “Better than coupons!”)
  • Ebates (Great for cash back on shopping you already do – also pays $10 just to sign up!)

My Final Words on Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the regular GPT (“get paid to”) sites and I do use it. Is it the best of ’em all? Well I don’t think so, but I use it regularly anyway because it keeps income sources diversified – I find that you get more “bang for the buck” when you use several of these types of sites rather than just one (see list above). Plus it’s a fun way to burn some time when you want to kick back and relax a little.

If you are searching for just one of these types of “get paid to take surveys, watch videos, etc.” sites, I recommend this one more than all the rest. ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to give Inbox Dollars a try? Click the banner below (with the cute little “dollar guy” – aka “Billy”):

Inbox Dollars Review 2017

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